Postnatal Support

Home visits

In order to help you in your return home after having the baby, I offer this one hour session to give you advice and support in a soft and secure manner as you navigate in the new parent/child relationship.

In the Austrians hospitals , your stay can be as long as you wish ( ambulatory delivery - a few hours after birth - to a normal stay - 5 days) In each cases , an individual guidance can be useful . We will cover all the different worries from the new parents : bathing , sleeping, crying babies , first days with big brothers or sisters …
In each postnatal home visits , I will check the mother's and baby's well being ( blood tests if necessary , baby weight's control , vitamines …)

Number and frequency of the visits will be decided one by one . Sozial Insurance and private insurance can be taken a part of the costs of them.

One home visit costs 110 EUR. - +15 EUR / 15 minutes after 1H visit 


Lactation consultation

I offer lactation consultations as of the first days following the birth of your baby up until the end of the breastfeeding period.
You can contact me shortly by phone, and I will quickly come to your home to find a solution adapted to your personal needs.
I also offer telephone coachings on demand.
Laser therapy is also possible to help heal wounded nipples.
This session costs 110 EUR  - +15 EUR / 15 minutes after 1h visit

Perineal training

After 9 months of pregnancy, after delivery, or even at the start of menopause, the perineum can show signs of fatigue.
Luckily after delivery, the group of 10 pairs of muscles which keep the organs of the pelvis in place start to slowly move back into position themselves.
However, before being able to resume normal activities (intense daily life or sports) it is advisable to start targeted perineum exercises starting 6 weeks post-delivery. These exercises are designed to strengthen the pelvis, avoid incontinence and improve your intimate life. 

Each session is individual and allows you to get to know your perineum and guide you in its re-education. The sessions take place Friday afternoons in the Midwife Center and last 30-40 minutes. The duration of the re-education depends on each individual and ranges from 2-3 sessions up to 6-7 maximum). You are welcome to bring your baby with you.

The session costs EUR 60.00