1.Appointment in the 5th month (Mother-Child-Pass Consultation)

This one hour information session proposed between the 18th and 22nd week of pregnancy is designed to explain the different alternatives offered in the context of the pregnancy, delivery and the post-delivery periods and to give measures of prevention and hygiene recommended during pregnancy.
The session is an opportunity for you to make first contact with a midwife who can respond to your questions and concerns.
The session costs EUR 50.00 and is fully reimbursed under the Austrian health insurance scheme. It will be registered in your Mother-Child-Pass.

  • During pregnancy
    This method of traditional Chinese medicine aids in the resolution of pregnancy complaints, including, among others : gastric burns, lumbar and sciatic pain, sleep problems.
    Sessions can be scheduled at any time during pregnancy in order to determine a treatment plan adapted to your needs.
  • In preparation for birth:
    As of the 36th week of pregnancy, weekly sessions can aide to mobilise different lines of energy required for delivery. 

Each session costs EUR 50.00 and can take place in the Midwife Centre in Vienna, or in your home.

3.Childbirth classes

Childbirth classes can take place as of the 32nd week of pregnancy on an individual or couples' basis. Each class lasts for 2 hours and can take place in the Midwife Center or in your home. Classes can be scheduled during the day or in the evening.

My philosophy of the birth is this : « you can only be actors in your story if you have certain basic information and you understand the different alternatives that are available to you for a successful delivery. »

The number of classes will vary by individual or couple, but a minimum of 2 classes are necessary to cover the physical preparation for delivery at the end of pregnancy, the departure to the delivery ward, the unfolding of labour, pain management, the birth of the baby or babies, medical alternatives (i.e. epidural) and Caesarian birth.

Each class costs EUR 160.00

4.Breastfeeding classes

The art of breastfeeding of a child is not something easy to understand or achieve, but is a magnificent and enriching experience once achieved.
This session lasts 2 hours and will give you maximum practical advice on how to initiate breastfeeding and above all how to overcome challenges that may arise in the beginning. As a lactation consultant, I recommend this session which is encouraged by UNICEF and the OMS

The session costs EUR 130.00

5.Child care class

This session lasts more than 2 hours and covers the wide range of questions about newborn babies up until the first month :

  • Appearance of the newborn at birth
  • The first days in the hospital
  • Feeding the baby (breastfeeding or bottle feeding)
  • Newborn sleep
  • Diapers and changing the baby

This session costs EUR 160.00