Agraduate of the faculty of medicine in Strasbourg in 1993, I had the pleasure to practice as a midwife in three different countries : France, Singapore and Tunisia.

I have been living in Austria with my husband and two children since September 2010. My professional experience since receiving my diploma:

  • From 1993 to 2002 : Midwife in the regional hospital of Belfort, 2400 births per year
  • From 2002 to 2005 : Private midwife in the Cabinet « Birth and Beyond» and birth coach (doula) in different private clinics in Singapore
  • From 2005 to 2010 : Private midwife in Tunisia
  • As of Novembre 2011 , part-time midwife in the private hospital RudoIfinerhaus and private midwife (member of the Midwife Centre in Vienna)

My vast international experience were as rich professionally as they were personally, and made me realize that wherever you live in the world, the arrival of a child brings the same questions for future parents, just formulated in diverse and varied ways.

This is why I try to respond to the different concerns of future parents, to accompany them towards meeting their baby, while all the time respecting their cultures and beliefs.

It is particularly important to me to allow a birth as harmonious as possible, while staying by your side during the four seasons that comprise the adventure of a baby : in explaining the different alternatives available during pregnancy and childbirth, in being present at the birth with a sense of calm, in helping you to discover your baby in the first days and weeks after the birth and in helping the mother to regain her form.

My additional qualifications in lactation consultation and acupuncture allow me to find the best way toward that corresponds to each individual woman.

I look forward to meeting you!